Hip Instrumentation

Parcus Medical™ offers a complete solution to hip repair, using a Knotless PEEK CF Push-In Suture Anchor and related instrumentation.  Knotless PEEK CF Push-In Suture Anchors provide a step-saving alternative to conventional "knotted" suture anchors and eliminate the "knot stacks" that can be associated with soft tissue irritation and impingement.

Made of Carbon Fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA™, Knotless PEEK CF Push-In Suture Anchors are non-absorbable, radiolucent, and MR safe with a modulus of elasticity closely matching cortical bone.  

Extended length instrumentation is designed to optimize access to the hip. 

Key Features:

  • Extended length instrumentation 
  • Suture passer included with anchor 
  • Anchor made of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA from Invibio

Drill Bit, Drill Guide, & Obturators

Part # Description Box
10615HU 28 Knotless Drill Bit w/Positive Stop, Unsterile Reusable, Hip Length 1
10446H 8-Point Drill Guide w/Obturator, Hip Length 1
10924H 8-Point Slotted Knotless Guide w/Beaver Tail Handle, Hip Length 1
10771H Cannulated Conical Tip Obturator, 1.8mm Cannulation, Hip Length (Use w/10446H Drill Guide) 1
10933H Cannulated Conical Tip Obturator, 1.6mm Cannulation, Hip Length (Use w/10924H Drill Guide) 1