Hip Instrumentation

Parcus Hip Instruments are designed to provide precise preparation of implant sites critical to performance and reproducible outcomes. Parcus hip instruments along with Parcus anchors offer a complete solution to hip repair.

Features & Benefits

Extended length instrumentation

  • Optimize access to the hip

Laser depth marking (as applicable)

  • Convenience in the operating room

Drill Bit, Drill Guide, & Obturators

Part # Diameter (mm) Size Working Length (mm) Width of Button (mm) Length (mm) Joint(most common) Length of Button (mm) Description Total Length (in) Material Working/Loop Length (in) Length of Loop (mm) QTY/Box Sterile/Unsterile Single-use/Reusable
10615HU - Hip 28 Knotless drill bit, w/positive stop 0 Unsterile Reusable
10446H 3.5 Hip 8-point drill guide, w/trocar tip obturator 0 Unsterile Reusable
10924H 5.2 Hip 8-point slotted knotless drill guide, w/beaver tail handle 0 Unsterile Reusable
10771H 4.8 Hip Conical tip obturator, w/1.6mm cannulation 0 Unsterile Reusable
10933H 3.3 Hip Conical tip obturator, w/1.8mm cannulation 0 Unsterile Reusable
11002 - Hip Parcus GPS 0 Sterile Single-use